Design and Development

Kennel Club


for the largest dog community in the world

American Kennel Club approached Makeable with a series of projects including an overhaul of their website, several apps, and promotional sites. I was involved in all the projects in different capacities.

I worked as the designer on AKC Marketplace, which allows vets, groomers, dog walkers, boarders, breeders, and pet shops to create their own page to promote their business to the AKC community.

AKC Marketplace Website Dog Listing

Marketplace allows businesses to create mini-sites to advertise to the AKC community. This is an example of a dog listing page. The site was designed with modularity in mind so that developers could interchange sections between user types as necessary.

Search is a major component of the site. It uses a natural language system and featured results that can be sponsored.

AKC Marketplace Website Search Page
AKC Marketplace Mobile Site
AKC Marketplace Website Storefront

Social Networking

for dogs

I was also the front-end developer of Wooftale—lovingly deemed 'Facebook for Dogs.' The app uses 'if this, then that' logic to measure things like the dog's walking distance and temperature then posts statuses or 'Wooftales' to the dog's feed. One of the most interesting parts of the app is creating shareable posts via HTML5's canvas. Using javascript to create the canvas, I could take a snapshot and export a PNG that was shareable to the Wooftale feed as well as Instagram and other social networks.

Dog and Laptop

I led front-end development of the Wooftale promotional site and app.

Mobile Screens

The left screen shows the feed with an event post.
The right screen shows a 'Wooftale' post in the app feed.

Dog and Mobile Instagram

Using HTML's canvas element allowed users to customize the look of the shareable Wooftale. A PNG of the canvas element was then output and posted to the feed in the app as well as other social networks.