Strategy, UX, Design

Success Academy


Success Academy is a network of world-class charter schools serving New York City. After working as the front-end developer of the site, I was asked to do strategy, UX, and design of the Success Academies Careers site. In the requirements for the new site, we outlined four major goals:

  • Motivate potential candidates to apply
  • Set candidates up for success during the hiring process
  • Inspire candidates so they are primed to accept an offer
  • Establish relevance to a millennial audience
Success Academy Graphs

In the first section of the research, I presented an analysis of how other companies are accomplishing the goals we outlined. In the second section, I researched special considerations the client requested we look into, and finally, I looked at their current sites analytics. View Fullscreen

After presenting the research and getting feedback from the client, I created a series of functional UX concepts that addressed the four goals set in requirements. The largest concept revolved around user accounts that allowed the potential candidates to interact with site on level that's not really being achieved anywhere else. View Fullscreen

Success Academy Graphs