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Designing for the leading destination to buy, sell, and research art online.

I worked the UX and design of the site as well as their marketing materials for both print and web. Design    |    User Experience    |    Marketing
Site Redesign
Rethinking art buying online

Artnet enables users to buy, sell, and research fine art online from the most recognized artists in the world. It also has a suite of products that include a price database and art analytics.

Artnet decided to redesign the site as new competition began to enter the market. After interviewing users of the site, we identified several key issues that needed to be solved.

  • Unify and interconnect Artnet's products in a cohesive manner
  • Make the buying experience more approachable
  • Enhance search functionality
  • Create a guided exerience through the new site.

Below is how we addressed the issues.

Key Issue 1
Unify and Interconnect Products

Artnet's products essentially had their own sites built for them. We rethought the navigation, especially top-level, in order to create a more cohesive, interconnected experience. We also added horizontal movement between pages to create a fluid sense of navigation between the top-level categories.

Key Issue 2
A more approachable buying experience

Buying art online can feel a bit strange because you're looking 2D representation of the artwork without context. We wanted to change that by adding a viewing room for the artwork similar to viewing in a gallery. We also humanized the Artnet agent's by photographing them using their photos in relevant areas of the site.

Key Issue 3
Enhance Search Functionality

Artnet has several types of searchable content including artists, artworks, galleries, articles, and events. We needed to make the results easily understandable so users could find what they were looking for quickly.

Key Issue 4
Creating a guided experience

All of Artnet's content can feel a bit overwhelming. To make it more digestible, we wanted to create a guided experience for the user to move through. One way we did that was by taking inspiration from the Guggenhiem and the old Whitney museum. Both of which start large and narrow down which helped facilitate focus.

Design for an international art website

As part of Artnet’s marketing team, I was lead designer on all digital and print design initiatives. I worked alongside strategists and copywriters to ideate and create new marketing campaigns for Artnet and its partners. Finished products included digital and print collateral, email campaigns, and websites. I also developed the digital marketing campaigns and worked with the technology team to create the UX and design for new site features.