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Fashion Unfiltered asked our team to redesign their site gets new look to match their mindset and tagline "No Fluff, Just Fashion." Strategy    |    UX    |    Design    |    Analytics
The Brief
No Fluff, Just Fashion

Fashion Unfiltered asked Harley and Co. to refresh the design of their site, we focused on UX improvements to the mobile experience and their show finder, a unique search tool that enables users to find design collections quickly. Advertising goals were also a top priority. We needed to support rich audience engagement by creating unique ad opportunities beyond just banner ads. To do so, we needed to take a multi-channel approach that offered unique, well integrated, sponsored content.

Key Objectives

  • Optimize for Mobile: 65% to 70% of the visitors are mobile users.
  • Rething Show Finder UX: The show finder tool the primary method for finding collections for Fashion Unfiltered as well as their competitors.
  • Enhance Search: Search should include articles, authors, collections, and tags.
  • Design for Ad Ops: Create unique, natively intergrated ad oppotunities.
UX Research
The Process
Modular and easy to use

Prior to UX, I presented research on how to best achieve the goals set out in the brief. The strategies included both UX recommendations like experiential search, and technical recommendations, like an online cropping system to speed up their workflow.

Following research and competitive analysis, I began wireframing in Sketch and writing user flows in Jira. Some highlights of the new UX are a modular homepage that changes depending on the fashion seasons and a show finder that was once a minor widget on the home page but now can launch from anywhere on the site to find collections quickly. Upon finishing UX and design, I did animations in Hype, a Mac app that can usable code for developers.

The Product
Industry Standard

Fashion Unfiltered is not just a fashion publication, it's also tool for industry professionals. It needs to appeal to, and work for multiple personas. By understanding these two user groups, we were able to create a minimalist design aesthetic and UX that's easy and intuitive to use in both use cases. The simplicity also worked well for the mobile designs which is a top priority for FU since over 70% of traffic comes from mobile and tablet. For this reason, we also made sure that, behind the scenes, the articles powered by Google's AMP, Facebook Stories, and Apple News.

Launch Website
Media Kit