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Designing the talent managment agency of the future.

The Wall Group asked Harley to rethink how the talent managment agency of the future interacts with it's clients and talent. Strategy    |    User Experience    |    Design
The Brief
Rethinking talent scheduling

The Wall Group is a fully integrated talent management agency that specializes in Makeup, Hair, and Stylists. They work with the most exclusive brands in the world consulting on trends and marketing objectives. Recognizing the lack of digital innovation and the industries move towards more transparency in booking, they asked Harley & Co to rethink the user experience of talent requests from both the customer's perspective as well as the talent agent's. Additionally, we identified several other goals to accomplish as well.

  • Create a unique and effective homepage experience
  • Enhance search functionality
  • Improve artist taxonomy and site navigation
  • Create a beautiful portfolio experience

I introduced personas into Harley's workflow which facilitated working session discussions and helped the client better understand design decisions.

UX Research
The Home Page
Artistic Juxtoposition

The homepage is no longer necessarily the epicenter of online identity, especially in The Wall Group's case because a large number of users land on artist pages from Google. So what’s the role of the homepage, then? It’s still the institutional front door. According to Atlantic Digital editor Bob Cohn in a piece he wrote for Folio, it’s a place to make your “ultimate brand statement.” It’s moment to stand out among competitors.

To stand out, we wanted to take advantage of The Wall Group's vast library of images and juxtapose them in interesting ways, comparing and contrasting their artists in cerebral compositions. Below is a simple example comparing the use of blue by Aeri Yun and Steven Miesel.

The Artist Taxonomy

The Wall Group's roster of artists is extensive and their organization had become too complex. We worked out a simple taxonomy system that associated artist names with an image for easier recall.

Booking Assistant
Innovative Talent Booking

The Booking Assistant is an innovative method for booking talent online. Our research found that the requests were often incomplete and the back and forth took time away from the agent's other responsibilities. The goal of improving this interaction was not to automate the entire process, which is entirely possible, but it takes the human aspect out of it. The goal, rather, was to improve the quality of the incoming requests with more information and automatically assign an talent agent based on the information provided in the request.