Pixel Perfect
Design Unicorn


I'm an interactive product designer with a background in visual communication and behavioral science. My interests are wide ranging, but I found design perfect for connecting my passions of psychology, art, and technology. I have an entrepreneurial mind-set, and I'm interested in creatively combining user-centered design with business strategy to help companies create smarter and stronger systems, products, and processes.

As a designer at Harley & Company, I am responsible for all phases of the UX process, from concepting and information architecture to wireframing and prototyping. For most projects, I do the visual design and animation as well 🦄

At Harley, I often work with clients in the fashion, art, and cultural industries. I'm also interested in emerging technologies such as fintech, and projects that push boundries or make a strong sociocultural impact. Past clients include Blackstone, Revlon, David Zwirner, The Weather Channel, Creative Time, and Jet.com.